Gaeng Pah

This is not a dish that is familiar to non-Thais, and that’s probably because most westerners just don’t have the heat tolerance for it– it’s one of the most spicy dishes in Thai cuisine. Gaeng Pah translates to jungle curry, and “jungle foods”, even for the Thais, are something for the brave. If you ever … Continue reading

Gaeng Som

Gaeng Som, unlike its descriptive English name of Thai Sour Curry, is a great dish that showcases a balance in three dominant flavours — sour, salty, and sweet. The key is that none of these three flavour overshadow the other, so the balance is perfectly equal. Yes, it is also spicy, but the better Gaeng … Continue reading

Snapper With Fried Garlic Vinaigrette

Chef Gerard, who opened Bocadillos, serves this simple spanish dish at his Basque-inflected restaurant. Special thanks to the staff at the San Francisco Chronicle for the opportunity for me to test this recipe.

Gravlax (Cold Cure Salmon)

If you ever feel like curing your own salmon for a home-made Gravlax, or gravlox (high brag factor), here is a manageable recipe. And despite the long intervals between some steps, which makes this not something that you can whip up in a click of a finger, the ingredient list is not as long as … Continue reading